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10 businesses cited in underage drinking check

10 businesses cited in underage drinking check

CONYERS, Ga. -- The Conyers Police Department recently conducted an underage alcohol sting throughout the county.

The department worked with the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office and the Georgia Department of Revenue to check 42 local businesses. Thirty citations were issued at 10 locations.

"I want to commend the 32 compliant restaurants and establishments that properly identified the minors that participated in our operation and thank them for working cooperatively with police to safely serve patrons," Conyers Police Chief Gene Wilson said in a statement.

Restaurants and stores cited in the sting include:

Tentative parole set for Heritage High School gunman

Tentative parole set for Heritage High School gunman

CONYERS, Ga. -- In May 1999, one month after the Colombine High School killings, the first copycat case took place in Conyers at Heritage High School. State officials say the gunman in that case has gotten a tentative parole date.

15 year old T.J. Solomon opened fire on his fellow students with a sawed-off .22 rifle in the commons area of Heritage High School. Six students were injured by gunfire.

All of them survived. Solomon was confronted by a fellow student, who chased him out of the building. Solomon fired shots toward the student, but missed. He then surrendered to police.

Following a guilty plea, a judge sentenced Solomon as an adult to forty years in prison -- then reduced the sentence to twenty years. He's been in prison thirteen years, and has a tentative parole date of May 2014.

SPECIAL REPORT: Drug traffickers operating Sandy Springs rehab center

SPECIAL REPORT: Drug traffickers operating Sandy Springs rehab center

11Alive News has learned that two metro Atlanta men who recently pled guilty to federal drug trafficking charges have been operating a Sandy Springs facility for recovering addicts for several years.

In October, federal prosecutors announced the indictment of Drew T. Green, Thomas Malone Jr. and eight others for drug trafficking, money laundering and conspiracy, alleging they were operating one of the largest synthetic drug cartels in the country.

Federal prosecutors say Green and Malone's company Nutragenomics sold millions of dollars worth of chemicals used to manufacture so-called designer drugs like synthetic marijuana and bath salts.

"I've come to a point where I refuse to use the term synthetic marijuana. It gives these poisons too much credence," said Lance Dyer whose son Dakota committed suicide after smoking a synthetic marijuana product named "Mr. Miyagi."

 "These drugs are literally poisons."

Two arrested on Newton Co. child molestation charges

Two arrested on Newton Co. child molestation charges

COVINGTON, Ga. -- Newton County authorities say two men wanted for child molestation and child exploitation charges were arrested Sunday in Alachua, Fla.

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Newton County Sheriff's officials said 57-year-old David Wesley Crawford turned himself in to Alachua Police. A few minutes later, Alachua officers arrested 36-year-old Donald Mac Brown after he tried to carjack a woman.

The two fled Newton County early last week following allegations they molested and sexually assaulted a 5-year-old girl.

Authorities said both men were armed when they were arrested, but gave up without incident.

2 fugitives wanted for child molestation

2 fugitives wanted for child molestation

NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Investigators from the U.S. Marshals Service, Newton County and Conyers have teamed up to look for two men accused of child molestation.

Donald Mac Brown and David Wesley Crawford are believed to be hiding in wooded areas of Newton County. A spokesperson for the U.S. Marshals said the men know they are wanted, and Brown has said in the past that he refuses to return to jail.

Both men are wanted in Newton County for child molestation and other charges. Brown also faces a charge of sexual exploitation in Conyers.

Brown is described as a white man, 34 years old, 6 feet tall and 245 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. Crawford is a white man, 57 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall and 135 pounds, with blue eyes; he is mostly bald.

Family members told investigators they believe the men are driving a white 1999 Ford F-150 with Georgia tag BZX9023, and that they may be armed with guns and knives.

Trio arrested for smash and grabs across metro

Trio arrested for smash and grabs across metro

WOODSTOCK, Ga. -- Investigators in Cherokee County have nabbed three men suspected of smash and grab burglaries in at least five metro Atlanta counties.

Vincent Donahue, James Hill and Mark McCain were taken into custody Nov. 28.

Cherokee County Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Jay Baker said the suspects are believed to be the men behind seven burglaries in Cherokee, Cobb, Douglas, Henry and Rockdale counties.

In each case, the suspects broke the front doors out of a convenience store and made off with cartons of cigarettes.

Baker said the three men were arrested after they were pulled over on Highway 92 in Woodstock. Investigators found plastic bins similar to the ones used in the robberies in their car, as well as a hammer, rubber gloves, masks, a sledgehammer and a small amount of heroin.

CONYERS: Police target copper thieves

CONYERS: Police target copper thieves

CONYERS, Ga. -- Police in Conyers are trying to make it tougher for copper thieves to cash in on the crime.

Conyers Police Lt. Jackie Dunn told The Rockdale Citizen that officers are using bright blue neon paint to mark the valuable metals inside air-conditioning units.

Police are also attaching stickers to the units warning would-be criminals that the metals have been marked.

Copper thefts from air conditioners and other machinery have been an ongoing problem in Georgia. 

Authorities say as the price of copper rises, it's increasingly attractive to thieves who strip the
metal from homes and businesses and try to resell it.