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Fire starting may indicate issues in children | News

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Fire starting may indicate issues in children

WXIA -- On Friday afternoon, investigators determined that the fatal house fire that killed four children was set by a child playing with a lighter. 

The investigation concluded that a child, possibly as young as 6-years-old, started the fire that ignited the Conyers home. 

According to the Georgia Insurance Commission, fire setting isn't a phase that most children go through -- it could be an indication of deeper issues like: mental or emotional disturbances, rebellion or poor judgement. 

Typical fire starters incessantly play with matches, try to burn items, talking about fire, ask how things burn or carry fire staring materials on their person. 

If your child exhibits any of these behaviors, they may be a Juvenille Fire Stater and may need attention to curb their curiosity or learn how fire works. 

For more information on how to educate children fire starting call the Georgia firefighters Burn Foundation at 404-320-6233.